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Interview Questions For Father John:

  1. Tell me some brief history on the Church. (When and who founded it)
  2. Tell me about yourself, (Where are you from, how long have you lived in New Orleans, What age did you go into the Seminary.)
  3. How did you know you wanted to be a Priest?
  4. Have you worked in any other churches outside of New Orleans? If so, how do the Churches differ?
  5. Give me an example of some positive and negative changes you’ve seen since you’ve been here.
  6. What part do you play in making a difference in the community?
  7. Do you consider New Orleans your home?  If so, what is it about NOLA that makes you proud to call it home?
  8. What are some activities that the Parishioners enjoy and look forward to?
  9. What type of Church events do you hold?
  10. Tell me about the Catholic Schools.
  11. How are Priests and other members of the Church appointed to their particular churches?
  12. What has made Mardi Gras so important to the city of New Orleans?
  13. New Orleans is known for the Voodoo. How does the Church feel about this?
  14. Have there been, or are there any steps that the Church has taken to remedy the communities crime rate.
  15. Tell me about the drinking down here in New Orleans. How does the Church feel about this topic?
  16. How did Katrina affect the Church and the community? Did you evacuate?
  17. Tell me something about New Orleans that people may not know?


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