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I talked to Lois Washington who is the secretary of St. Katharine Drexel Church. Mrs. Washington has worked for the Church for 30 years and Father John had thought that she would be a wonderful person to ask for possible interview ideas. She told me that her schedule for Wednesdays are usually the best to meet so we scheduled for 10 A.M. She also told me that interviews will not be a problem to get, and that she has started a list of possible people for me to interview. I told her that there would be some days where I will be with my classmates getting b-roll footage around the city, but would like to spend the majority of my time at the Church filming different things. She said that would be wonderful and I am allowed to film as much as I wanted.  I also was calling Father John about a specific time to schedule his interview. He was in a meeting at the time so I left a message. I should hear from him shortly. But here is what I am thinking for my schedule, it will get more detailed when I talk to Father John tonight or tomorrow:


Sunday June 19th:

-fly to New Orleans

-New Orleans Grey Line Tour.



Monday June 20th:

-Early bird shooters

-Go to the Church. (Lois said that this is a very busy day for the Church, so will hopefully get some good b-roll with people interacting with each other).


Tuesday June 21st:

-Early bird shooters

-Go to the Church.

-possible evening sunset shoot at Chalmette Battleground.


Wednesday June 22nd:

-Early bird shooters

-Go to the Church. (Meet with Lois Washington at 10 AM along with Father John’s Interview(maybe)).


Thursday June 23rd:

-Early bird shooters

-Go to the Church.


Friday June 24th:



Saturday June 25th:

-Early bird shooters

-Go to the Church.


Sunday June 26th:

-Early bird shooters

-Go to the Church. (Mass)


Monday June 27th:

-Early bird shooters

-Possible B-roll of the city. Or go to the Church.


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