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I can’t believe that tomorrow I will be in New Orleans! I am so excited!! I have been packing all day and getting everything organized. Some preconceived notions that I have are:

1. It’s going to be extremely hot. I looked at one of the days it said it was 91 degrees but will feel like 110!  I tried to pack as many tank tops as I could fit in my suitcase! I also made sure I packed my sunscreen!

2. It’s going to be a very long and tiring week. I want to wake up for every sunrise shoot and go to the Church almost everyday. Use my time wisely.

3. New Orleans sounds like it can be dangerous. I need to be aware of my surroundings and use the buddy system. Be smart with all of my equipment.

I am nervous for my interviews, because of this I am trying to get as prepared as possible. I have been researching my different question topics and writing note cards. I also did another practice run through with my equipment. It’s going to be hard to monitor two cameras, audio, all while trying to ask questions. I hope I can get at least one person to help me monitor my equipment.



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