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Today I woke up at 5 am for my first sunrise shoot! I met Becky and Devin downstairs at 5:20 am. It went great except for the foggy lenses and my 70-200mm lens not working. The sunrise was absolutely stunning! We rode on the ferry twice and I got some really nice looking footage. I arrived back at the hotel at 7:30, just in time for some breakfast. Around 10:30 am Megan, Devin, Tony, and I all went to St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church, where I finally got to meet Father John Cisewski in person. He was just as wonderful as I expected and he was gracious enough to be my first interview. The interview lasted around 40 minutes and went wonderfully. I was then introduced to the Berry family. The Berry’s are one of the families that Father John has helped. They were kind enough to all come in the room and be interviewed. It was interesting to hear both Father John, and the Berry’s opinions on certain topics, such as the crime rate, or Mardi Gras. I also met Mrs. Washington, the Church’s secretary. She was a delight, her presence got me really excited for our upcoming interview. After I finished at the Church we all went to a restaurant called, Voodoo BBQ. I had a slow pulled pork platter. It was really tasty and the Mojo BBQ  sauce was to die for! After lunch we went back to the hotel and got ready for Megan and Tony’s shoot at The Three Muses restaurant. Megan conducted her first interview with the owner of the restaurant, her name was Sophie Lee. While Tony filmed Sophie’s  husband, who played with  his bands at the restaurant. After we were finished with this shoot we came back to the hotel and had a meeting about our upcoming schedules. Now it’s time for bed, I have another early morning tomorrow.


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