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Today we all woke up at 5:00 am to meet downstairs at 5:30. Our sunrise shoot today was at the French Quarter. I feel like I got some good b-roll footage of the city, but can’t wait to get more. After our shoot we met at the lobby for a critique. After the critique we headed to Megan’s shoot at Lil’ Dizzy. Father John actually helped Megan find the contact for this restaurant, which happened to be its owner Wayne Baquet. We enjoyed an amazing lunch buffet at Lil’ Dizzy, my favorite was the fried chicken! After lunch Megan set up for her interview with Wayne, while Colleen and I set off towards the Church. I met Mrs. Washington at the Church and she let me in.. I couldn’t believe how breath taking it was inside. Stained glass everywhere with these amazing vaulted ceilings. Father John came in shortly after to say hello. Colleen left to go pick up Devin and Megan. Father John and I chatted for a bit and then I was running around the church trying to get as much b-roll as possible. There was so many different beautiful things to shoot it was hard to decide which to film first. Before long Colleen was back with Devin and Megan. I was so extremely happy to have them there to help with my interview with Choir member, Silvia Thomas. Silvia’s interview went very well she was such a wonderful woman. Once the interview was completed people started packing into the church, it was time for choir practice. Found out that there are 40 members in this choir. It was so cool to film this. I was so impressed with the singers. It makes me so excited to watch how their hard work will pay off at Sundays Mass. I also met a man named Calvin Parker (member of the choir). I asked if he would mind being interviewed for my film. He said that he would love to and that he will be in contact with me tomorrow or Thursday. I look forward to hearing from him! All in all today was very successful and I had a lot of fun!


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