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5:30: Sunrise shoot at.

7:30: Had a delicious breakfast.

9:10: We left for the Times Picayune. Megan, Colleen and I went along with photographer John McCusker to a ground breaking event for Tv Station WYES.  It was really cool to see what it was like to work as a photographer at a large newspaper. It was also really interesting to hear the stories John had about Katrina. We then had an amazing lunch at a place called Liberty.

2:30: Jorah and I went to the Zoo to see the White Alligators!!! We got there right in time for the the feedings! It was really cool and I got some cool pictures of many of the animals!

After we finished at the Zoo, we walked to the bus stop and waited about 30 min for the bus. Once we got back to the hotel we were exhausted and starving! We decided to go out with Devin, Megan, and Tony to get dinner in the French Quarter. I got a sandwich with enough deli meats to feed 3 other people! It was really good and filling!


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