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Today I slept in (much needed) I woke up at 8 and couldn’t believe how tired I was! I quickly went downstairs to eat breakfast, and then came back up to the room and got ready. At 10:30 Becky and I headed over to the Church. I interviewed Mrs. Washington the Church’s secretary. The interview went very well, and I think I got some good footage. Becky and I then went outside to shoot the exterior of the Church. She even drove around the block a bunch so I could get a nice panning shot of the Church, along with the the neighborhood and Holy Ghost Catholic School. Becky then dropped me off at the Church were I spent a majority of my time inside the Church filming b-roll. The Church is so incredibly beautiful that I honestly could have spent all day filming in it. Father John then met me in the Church and asked if I would like to take a drive to the old Church. I packed up and he showed me around the Parish. It was wonderful and I really enjoyed my time with him. We arrived back at the Church and I talked with him some more as I waited for Becky to come pick me up. Once I arrived back at the hotel, Jorah and I went to Popeyes!


Here are some screen shoots from the Church.



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