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Saturday: I had my interview with Calvin Parker. Before the interview, Becky and I went to find Marie Laveau’s grave site. We noticed when we parked that someone’s car got broken into so we decided to grab all of my stuff and bring it into the cemetery with us. Becky carried my backpack and suitcase, while I had the camera and tripod. We looked like we were planning on camping in the cemetery! We walked up and down this large cemetery to find nothing. We ended up finding a worker and he told us that we were in St. Louis Cemetery #3 and we needed to be in St. Louis Cemetery #1. It seemed like we had been walking forever in this cemetery both of us dripping with sweat! We got back into the car and headed towards the right Cemetery. Once we saw tons of tourists we knew we were in the right place. We decided it would be smart if we split up and whoever found it first would call the other. It took us five seconds to find the tomb! As I was filming the tomb, a tour guide came along and started telling us about the tomb, which I got the entire thing recorded!


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