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Sunday: This day Becky took me to shoot b-roll around the Church in the morning, and then we went back to the Church to view the Sunday Mass! I set up a P2 in the loft where Becky stayed and looked over the camera and Father John’s audio. Colleen was down by the choir recording their audio, while I went around with the 7D getting different angles of the Service. The people were so nice to me and welcomed me with open arms. After Mass I said my goodbyes to Father John and my new friends. Once the Mass was finished we rushed back to the hotel where I tried to edit as much as I could before the Photo Alliance Critique. I was incredibly nervous (always am!) ha, but the critique went well and I was happy with what I could show the group. After the critique we went to Juan’s flying Burrito. I was so excited for this, Mexican is my favorite food of all time! After we ate we returned to the hotel to get ready for Tony’s last shoot at the Howlin’ Wolf’s Den, where we got to see the Hot 8 Brass Band perform! They were really good and I was happy I got to see them!


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